In 2003, Griffin Rae Birdsong started writing about sasquatches and draculas. She began studying English at Idaho State University in 2008, and was featured in Black Rock & Sage journal… A few years after dropping out, she became one of the creators of The Sentimentalist Zine, chronicling her trans-feminist whimsy and promoting local writers in her home town of Idaho Falls. Upon moving to Boise in 2014, she became one of the coordinators for the Death Rattle Writer’s Festival. Her first book, A Pansexual Journey Through Time, was published through H. O. Tanager Press in 2016. She currently lives in Nampa where she still occasionally writes love poems about draculas.
cover jpegA Pansexual Adventure Through Time: A Transition Autobiography








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Griffin Rae Birdsong writes poems almost exclusively about FUCKING. Also, I heard she was a real life SEX DRACULA. #downwithcis